Monday, December 30, 2019

God will accomplish His purposes

From p112 of J.D. Greear's new book Above All:

God will accomplish His purposes.
It is the unbreakableness of His promise that is the hope of the church.
Of course, that's no license for complacency. Because while we are sure God will accomplish His purposes, what is not guaranteed is that He'll use us to accomplish those purposes.
It's not like He needs us. Evangelicals would be wise to realize that if God chose to use another group of believers to accomplish His mission, we would not be the first people God has set aside. The Jews' of Jesus day assumed God would never set them aside. God needed them! Right? But Jesus warned them, "The kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people producing its fruit" (Matt. 21:43). 
He gives the same warning to us. 
The grace of God is amazing, but woe to us if we ever take it for granted (Rom. 2:4).
The recent acceleration of Christian leaders falling from ministry is, I believe, God trying to wake us up. He will not allow sin to go unchecked in His church, and if we don't repent, He will take His hand off of us and our children. He will not abandon His purposes, but He will find someone else.

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