Wednesday, December 4, 2019

the waiting

Struggling through understanding the bigger picture of God's timing; coming from the incorrect perspective that God withholds good things until we've perfected ourselves, and trying to step out of this flawed view. 

Then, this excerpt from Hannah Brencher's Advent series, day 4:

The waiting changes us. 
It turns us into different versions of ourselves. 
God is a God who does not dismiss us when the waiting feels endless. He is a God who does not walk out on us or use the waiting to punish us. 
You need to know this— the waiting period for Zechariah and Elizabeth was not because they’d messed something up years earlier and now they were walking out a barren punishment. 
Our God does not keep tally of our mess-ups and wait to dole out punishments. Quite the opposite, he is near to those who are brokenhearted. He is close to those who have yet to see the promise in the land they’ve been trekking through for days and months and years. He is a constant companion — there right alongside you. He does not grow weary.
There is more to the story, friend. The story doesn’t end in the valley. 
Let’s keep moving forward and see what happens next.
More thoughts to come. 

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