Sunday, December 1, 2019

why advent?

Advent is about feeling the weight and need for Christ to have been born in human flesh to save us from our sins. It’s about slowing down to savor His goodness amidst a world of things and messages that vie for our attention. Advent is about treasuring Jesus above all other things. 

Just like Jesus’ birth was not what the Israelites were expecting or looking for, know that God will work in ways you are not expecting as well. The amazing thing is, God had revealed how He would send His Son, like a sacrificial lamb, all throughout the Old Testament. Mankind, however, did not have eyes to see or ears that could hear or fully understand. We now have the big picture—the whole story of Scripture—and we can trace His work, knowing His ways, plans, and promises. 

Since Advent is a season of anticipation, a time when God turns our expectations upside-down, expect God to do a great renovation in your heart, but also expect it to be different than you thought it would be. Look for Him in the mundane, in the things that seem to be “going wrong,” and in the everyday occurrences of life.

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