Wednesday, January 29, 2020

hope is the antidote

from Phylicia Masonheimer's instagram:
Hope is the antidote to turmoil. "Why this turmoil within me?" the Psalmist says. "Put your hope in God, for I will STILL praise Him." For the Christian, turmoil may be a fact we face, a struggle that meets us, but it is not an identity. You cannot overcome what you believe innate to yourself. You cannot live in victory if you accept defeat.

This is not popular to say but I'm saying it because it's in Scripture: God has not changed. His hope and presence are the antidote to anxiety. Doesn't mean you won't struggle. Doesn't mean it won't be a fight. But it's a GOOD fight, and choosing to put hope in God is an act of the will from a standpoint of faith. "I believe I will see the goodness of God in the land of the living." Not after death. Here. Today.

Salvation is unconditional, but most of God's promises are conditional. You obey, trust, walk with Me? I will bless you! I will bring peace!

And it's true. But because we avoid this clear truth about how God works we linger in apathy and inaction. We don't do the things God says will bring peace, then wonder why we aren't peaceful. 

It's a daily fight, but I know it to be a good and holy fight, and I for one refuse to turn over and let the enemy have his way. This is the day we choose hope. This is the day He sends His faithfulness. This is the day we praise Him until we believe the truth. Because God hasn't changed.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

purpose in mission

from Shelley Giglio's instagram:

I've noticed over the years that the people who seem the most tired all the time, minus the ones who have an illness or reason to feel lethargic, are also those who have the least amount of purpose.

People on mission are generally energized.

If exhaustion is your calling card, ask God to help you clarify your purpose and I bet your energy level will also swell.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Mount Vernon

Scenes from this weekend's trip to Mount Vernon

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

be excellent as Christ is excellent

All of life is to be lived for the glory of God. Undergirded by moral excellence and godly character, all of our work should be performed with distinction and excellence. Mediocrity and sloppy workmanship never glorify God. Christians must strive for excellence—including, and especially, in pursuing their calling.
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