Friday, February 7, 2020

choose your influence

Screenshot-ed from Instagram, author unknown:
You get to choose who and what you allow to influence you. We have the right and authority to assess which voices speak into our lives in these little squares and in real life, and adjust or sever their contribution to our life. I don't have to allow how long I've known a person, how "cool" we've been online with one another, or longevity of any sort, to dictate how much I tolerate in terms of their influence over and in me.

Particularly in this past year or so, I've been wrestling with this SO hard. Yes, we are called to believe the best about each other. Yes, we are called to show grace. Yes, we are to love our neighbors and position ourselves to learn from those with whom we may disagree or are unlike in various ways. This is all true.

Meanwhile, what is also true is that we have the responsibility to sift every voice in our lives, whether passive or active voices, and see what kind of fruit it is producing in our lives. It is one thing to learn from a person, and another to allow their habits to influence you in a manner that is counterproductive to the call of Christ in all Scripture.

I don't have to walk afraid to place people in their proper spheres of influence in my life. I cannot effectively set my mind on things above when I'm allowing inflammatory things to push me in the opposite direction. Because I have a responsibility for the part I play in my own sanctification, I cannot handle this loosely or without strategy. I must be thoughtful, active, and intentional about how I move. I am free to do that. The Holy Spirit wants me to. 

Every voice doesn't need to have my ear to influence. I have control over this, and it's freeing. 

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