Sunday, February 16, 2020

introspect then serve

Val Woerner on a life-changing shift of thinking:
What's typical:
Prioritizing my comforts
Having an endless list of wants disguised as needs
Being very inflexible with plans
Anxious over little things
Prioritize my goals over other people

Here's been the biggest change recently: I'm thinking about other people more. I know that sounds really basic, but ever since [a recent trip visiting ministry partners], I can't stop thinking about them and how to help.

I'm suddenly reminded how very blessed I am and more aware of the world around me. And it's joy-inducing! It's been the gateway to freedom from anxiety! It's made me content with all the thing a week ago I wanted to change or buy.

Introspection can be good for us but too much can keep me so fixed on myself it's damaging.

In Emily Freeman's book The Next Right Thing she talks about introspection and how it can get twisted if it's not in the presence of God. I think that's the best way to sum it up.

Introspect with the Lord.

And when you're done? Find someone to serve.

God tells us to love and serve, and it's not just because He needs work horses. He knows it will change us too.

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