Sunday, February 16, 2020

peace surpassing understanding

Phylicia Masonheimer, on her family's recent move:

I knew God was leading through this transition partially because I never became discontent in the process. I held our old house in open hands, hopeful and expectant, but never once did I disdain its smallness. Never once did I hate the fact I could see the neighbor's siding out the windows and could never have goats and chickens in town. I was hoping for a change, but content in the transition. And I realized - that's a peace surpassing understanding.

I remember that feeling from when I was single. When I was dating but not engaged. When I was in a job I really didn't like. Only when I gave it to Him hour by hour, praying specifically and boldly with open hands, did the peace pervade my existence. And how "worth it" that was!

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